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Session Types and Presentation Formats

COSS features two main session types: poster and concurrent. Both session types will be shared in the asynchronous online COSS 2020.

Poster sessions include printed posters, digital media, and art exhibitions. Poster session presentations will be included in the pre-recorded online version of COSS.

Concurrent sessions feature oral presentations, artist’s talks, and performance talks. This year, COSS offers a variety of concurrent session formats. In addition to the Classic 15-minute presentation, presenters may choose the Panel, Nano, or Pecha Kucha format for their presentation. Concurrent session presentation formats are described below.


CLASSIC: 15- to 18-minute presentations. Examples: papers, PowerPoint presentations, artist’s talks, performance talks, extemporaneous speeches

PANEL: 20- to 30-minute presentation with discussion per session. Example: students give a brief presentation on their research, then engage in dialogue with each other in front of the virtual audience

NANO: 7- to 10-minute presentations. Examples: courses with multiple students presenting on a common theme, early-stage projects, or first-time presenters

PECHA KUCHA (ペチャクチャ): 400-second PowerPoint presentations containing 20 PowerPoint slides, each auto-timed for 20 seconds, with spoken word choreographed with each visual aid to tell a compelling story Example: