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Finding Research, Scholarship, and Fellowship Opportunities

There are many opportunities for undergraduate students to gain experience in research. Likewise, there are countless scholarships and fellowships, many nationally competitive, that provide funding and research or internship experience to undergraduates and recent graduates.

Knowing how to find and sift through the myriad of opportunities to identify those that best fit your interests and qualifications can be a challenge. The Office of URSCA offers information sessions and drop-in sessions each semester to help connect students with research experiences and fellowships. Check out the calendar tab above for upcoming sessions.

Recently, Concordia subscribed to the Student Opportunity Center (SOC), which is a curated and customizable database of research, scholarship, and fellowship opportunities and programs through Concordia and across the nation or internationally. This powerful tool allows anyone with a email address to create a free account and tailor their search based on area of interest, location, citizenship requirements, program dates, and more.


Signing up with SOC requires just a few quick steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Login” to create your free account
  3. Filter your search by areas of interest and requirements, or just start browsing!
  4. When you find an opportunity that interests you, favorite it to receive updates.

Faculty and staff, if you have an opportunity, on or off campus, to add to SOC or the URSCA calendar, email