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Whiteboard Wednesdays

The purpose of White Board Wednesdays (WBWs) is to provide an opportunity for research students to briefly and informally share an aspect of their in-progress summer work with other scholars and staff. These sessions not only aim to inform the summer URSCA community, but may also provide presenters with useful feedback.

Each WBW will feature 2-3 different projects. The approaches students take for their WBW may vary. For example, students may want to focus on the particular need driving their central thesis or question, especially if they are early in their project development. Alternatively, students may choose to highlight a recent success or finding and next steps in their project, or they might want to describe an area of the project that needs troubleshooting or feedback.

SHARE TIME: Each student or team will speak for 5-6 minutes (per project), followed by 5 minutes of feedback or discussion.

RULES for VISUAL AIDS: Students are encouraged to use the whiteboard, but if absolutely necessary, a SINGLE PowerPoint slide (to show a picture, for example) may be used. If there is a natural hands-on activity or demonstration that students can easily share with those in attendance, these are also welcome. Please keep in mind that the sharing time is brief; however, there will be time afterward for snacks, extended conversation, optional hands-on activity, etc.

AUDIENCE: All students and mentors are encouraged to attend these events. Other faculty, staff, or donors supporting URSCA may also attend at their discretion.

PEAK REQUIREMENT: Each student who wishes to complete a summer URSCA PEAK will present at one WBW, attend at least 3 additional WBWs, and write a short reflection after each.

REFRESHMENTS: Light refreshments will be provided by the Office of URSCA. Those sharing are also welcome to bring treats (please coordinate with Alyssa Dalen if you plan to bring something to share).

WBW DATES:  May 29; June 5, 12*, 19; July 10, 17, 24, 31; Aug 7

*June 12 is the first of two summer URSCA program workshops in Barry Auditorium. WBW talks will be incorporated into the workshop.

WBW TIME: 3:00pm – 3:45pm for project sharing; attendees encouraged to remain afterward for social time, additional feedback on projects, etc. NOTE: On May 29 only, we will start at 3:15pm and have snacks and games after students share about their projects. Following the August 7 WBW, we will have a wrap party with games on the lawn between ISC and theatre.


WBW SCHEDULE: Visit the calendar to find out who will be sharing about their projects in future WBWs.