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Wrap-Up and Homework for Workshop 2

Criterion 5 of Concordia’s integrative learning plan addresses skills developed through a liberal arts education and high-impact experiences like research. Those skills are some of the most sought after by employers. They include demonstrating professionalism, maintaining a strong work ethic, collaborating well with others, applying knowledge and practices from a variety of disciplines toward solving new problems, effectively communicating verbally and in writing, developing competencies with technology, and demonstrating leadership.

How will your research experience help you develop transferable skills?

How will you articulate the types of skills you develop when you apply for future employment or graduate school?

Which skills have you developed today?

Homework:  Before Workshop 2 on June 26, please complete the following:

  1. CITI Training (RCR for everyone; RCR PEAK add-on if relevant; additional lab safety, human and non-human animal research courses as applicable)
  2. Write and practice your two-minute elevator speech for the general public or the news media.
  3. Develop your project aims and be able to articulate your specific role in your project for a job or grad school interview.
  4. Polish your donor/grant writer thank you letter.