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SGA-Sponsored Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program

The purpose of this fellowship program is to provide stipend support and research funding (e.g. materials, consumables, travel, conference presentations) for students conducting research or creative scholarship in summer 2020. Support for this program comes from funds directed by Student Government Association (SGA) to significantly contribute to Concordia’s URSCA program. 

ELIGIBILITY: ALL STUDENTS in any discipline who will be enrolled at Concordia in the fall 2020 semester are eligible to apply. 

NUMBER OF AWARDS: There will be two fellowships granted for summer 2020. 

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Applications are due February 21, 2020. Awards will be determined by February 28, 2020. 

TO APPLY: summerURSCAfellowship

FELLOWSHIP DETAILS:  Each summer research fellowship in this program will include:

1. Stipend of $3,200 to support approximately 320 hours of work between May 11 and August 15, 2020. 

2. Housing stipend of $600 to help defray living expenses (on or off campus) whilst carrying out the project. The housing allowance will be distributed with the stipend, which is subject to taxes and other withholdings.  

3. Up to $2000 in project expenses which may be used for travel associated with carrying out the research or creative scholarship, conference presentation costs, materials, supplies, etc. Applicants will need to submit a brief budget proposal in the application.


1. MENTORS: Each student applicant must identify a faculty or staff mentor to assist in the development of their project. Mentors are required to provide an endorsement for the applicant, addressing: 1) their willingness to mentor the project and a brief mentoring plan, 2) the ability of the applicant to carry out the work proposed, 3) the feasibility of the project timeline, and 4) any other support available for the project. Mentors of successful applicants will receive a stipend congruent with their involvement in the project and other avenues of support. Mentors must email their endorsement to by the application deadline. 

2. COSS: Fellows will be expected to present their research or scholarship at the 2021 Celebration of Student Scholarship (COSS), Concordia’s undergraduate research symposium, on 14 April 2021. 

3. URSCA PROGRAM: Fellows working in the F-M area are expected to participate in two full-day summer workshops on the second and fourth Tuesdays of June, and take part in other URSCA programming throughout the summer. 

PEAK: Awardees (fellows) will be eligible to complete a PEAK through the Office of URSCA (Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity) by participating in summer workshops and other programming during the summer, or making other arrangements to fulfill the PEAK criteria if the proposed research is conducted off campus. Fellows will register for the URSCA PEAK 400 CRN in Spring 2021 semester.