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Research Funding

All scholars at some point will likely need to seek funding to support their research and scholarship activities. One potential avenue of funding is grants, which individual scholars, teams, or institutions may seek through competitive applications. Both private foundations and the government have calls for applications for grants to support research in a variety of academic fields.

Another very important source of funding, especially for Concordia scholars, is philanthropic giving. The generosity of alumni and friends of Concordia support the majority of faculty-mentored undergraduate research through gifts and endowments. A gift is a lump sum that is available to support research activity right away and is exhausted once it is spent. An endowment is a donation that supports research in perpetuity as the amount available for spending each year comes from the interest earned the previous year by the donated funds.

Office of Foundation Relations and Research Grants

Office of Advancement

Jillain Veil-Ehnert, Director, Foundation Relations and Research Grants will provide information about various types of grants Concordia and individual students and faculty seek, the process for applying for funding, and the role of her office in that process.

You will also have the opportunity to practice donor stewardship through personalized thank you letters for the funding supporting your research this summer. Mentors are encouraged to offer their experiences and perspectives on identifying and applying for research funding, articulating research goals and specific aims, and the significance of philanthropy.

Students, provide a summary of what you learn, as well as the specific aims you develop today, in your workshop document.