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COSS partners with librarians at the Carl B who have created a Libguide for COSS presenters! There you will find resources to help you prepare your abstract, cite information, use images properly, create posters, and more! Stop by the library for help in person!



COSS poster sessions welcome posters of a variety of formats as well as art exhibitions of all types. If you are preparing a poster, there are options for constructing and printing your poster. The deadline to submit your poster for printing on campus is April 6, 2020.

  • One option is to artfully mount your poster components onto a large sheet of paper, then clip it to a poster board and display it on an easel. The Parke Student Leadership Center has many helpful supplies for this type of poster (e.g. letter cutting tools, paper of various colors, etc.). Poster boards, clips, and easels will be provided at COSS.
  • If you want to print your poster as a large, single sheet, there are options on and off campus. If printing on campus, you will need to choose the option appropriate for your discipline. Submit your poster for printing no later than April 6, 2020 to ensure it is printed in time for COSS. Posters sent after this date will be printed only if time allows. Don’t risk it!

ON-CAMPUS PRINT SHOP: John Phelps manages the on-campus print shop and can print your poster for $4/linear foot on quality paper using either a 24” roll or 36” roll printer. Unless your mentor is in the Biology Department, you should choose this option if printing on campus. Follow the guidelines and use Quick Print Request on Cobbernet to submit your poster as a .pdf for printing. Check with your mentor to determine whether their department or program will cover the cost of your poster, or whether you will be responsible for the cost. A typical 3-foot x 4-foot poster will be $16. Quick Print Request:

BIOLOGY MENTORS: If your research mentor is a faculty in the Biology Department, your mentor will email your poster to Harshana for printing. Harshana will not accept print requests from students. This printer uses a 36” roll. Limit your file size to 3MB or less if possible and save it as a .pdf.

OFF-CAMPUS:  There are a number of businesses in the F-M community that will print your poster for a fee. They may be more expensive than the campus print shop.