Concordia College - Moorhead, Minnesota |


Ice breakers

In this brief ice breaker session, form interdisciplinary groups and answer as many of the questions below as time permits.

  1. Share your name, major, research project timeline, hometown, etc.)
  2. From which discipline(s) do you draw information or approaches for your summer project?
  3. What is your specific role in your summer project?
  4. What is one challenge or predicted challenge of your summer project?
  5. How is research and/or scholarship defined similarly and differently across disciplines?
  6. What are some examples of different types of URSCA?
  7. How is URSCA disseminated in different disciplines? (e.g. papers, posters, extemporaneous speaking, speaking with visual aids (PPT), peer-reviewed journals, books, reports to community partners, etc.)

PEAK students: record answers to these questions from your group and save in a PEAK document. Your responses will be shared with the Office of URSCA at a future date.